Used Pearson Goodman Pick n Place Case Packer Top Load

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Pearson Goodman Pick n Place Case Packer Top Load
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Equipment Details

Inventory # A2272
Item Pearson Goodman Pick n Place Case Packer Top Load
Category Case Packer and Tray Packer
Robotic and Pick and Place Case Packer
Manufacturer   Goodman
Model Universal-G ICS C
Year 2000
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Equipment Description

Used Goodman Pick n Place Top Load Case Packer with:

  • The principal upon which the ICS system is based enables high speeds in product handling by creating a sequence of individual carriers each loaded with an individual package.
  • After receiving an individual product from the infeed conveyor, the carriers are released individually by the "infeed release sprocket" (servo driven) and transported to the "group release sprocket" (servo driven). When the number of full carriers equals the number required to pack one layer into each carton in the load area, the loading sequence is initiated.
  • The distance between the last carrier being packed and the infeed release sprocket is available for buffering
  • The main elements of the system utilized to obtain the range of flexibility are free running individually released carriers, frictionally coupled to a continuously running constant speed stainless steel band
  • The robotic loading head is driven by two servo systems (one controls the vertical axis, while the other controls the horizontal axis)
  • As with the layer forming conveyor, all loading head moves, such as placement depth into the tray, are changed automatically when a new product is selected
  • The robot equipped with individual grippers, picks up the products from the carriers, divides them in matrixes and loads the trays according to the required number of layers
  • The gripper head does not need to be replaced when handling products with different dimensions, filling trays with different counts or shingling or interlocking the products
  • The individual picking heads can be grouped in different numbers, at different pitches and, consequently, form matrixes with variable number of products
  • Carriers centers are 2-3/8 inch
  • Left to right production flow
  • Can be used from 2in. to 9in. long candy bars or granola bars
  • Up to 300 packages per minute
  • Infeed product belt conveyor: 66 inches long x 10 inches wide
  • 1725 RPM, 1/3 HP Baldor infeed drive motor
  • Product carriers are 9-3/4 inch long x 2 inches wide (bottom is angled to cause the product to settle)
  • Carriers are independent of each other
  • 18 Pick and place vacuum heads
  • Dual outfeed plastic chains: 188 inches long x 3 inches wide
  • Infeed elevation pictured at 45 inches above the floor (adjustable)
  • Outfeed elevation pictured at 36 inches above the floor (adjustable)
  • Allen Bradley PanelView 550 touch screen interface mounted on a swival arm for easy access around the machine
  • Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 CPU
  • Machine status light
  • Personnel guarding
  • Adjustable machine height

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Additional Details

Equipment Size 258" L × 51" W × 90" H

Product Information

Last Ran Candy Bars

Inspection Details

Location Evansville, IN

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