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SVW photo
Mueller SVW 50000 Gallon Stainless Steel Silo Tank
Inventory #: G3283

Used Mueller Tank with: Capacity: 50,000 gallons Jacket: 120 Square foot of 150 psi cold wall Agitation: Horizontal mechanical CIP-able agitator Clean-in-place: CIP...

C250 / C400 photo
Wolfking C250 C400 SS Meat Grinding System
Inventory #: G3284

Used Wolfking Grinding System with: C250 Grinder Hopper: Load height: 67 inches Dimensions (inches): 39 long x 35 wide C400 Frozen Block Grinder Output: up to 44,000 pounds...

U1319D photo
Packall U1319D Unitized Shrink System L Bar Sealer
Inventory #: G3278

Used Packall U1319D Unitized Shrink System L Bar Sealer with: Compact, easy-to-use shrink packaging system for use in a wide range of product applications and production environments 13 inch wide x 19...

TD/2-40 photo
Groen 10 Gallon SS Kettle with Steam Generator
Inventory #: G3297

Used Groen Kettle with: Capacity: Quarts: 40 Gallons: 10 Jacket: Coverage: 2/3 Rated: 45 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Manual tilt Groen Goldline NGB-2 Steam Generator: ...

5000 Gallon Stainless Steel Single Wall Tank
Inventory #: G3300

Used Stainless Steel Tank with: Capacity: 5,000 gallons Top mounted manway: 20 inches diameter Side mounted outlets: (1) 2 inches diameter NPT (1) 24 inches diameter Closed top ...

Stainless Steel 12" Wide Cleated Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: G3292

Used Cleated Incline Conveyor with: Conveyor width: 12 inches Cleats: Height: 2 inches Centers: 12 inches Discharge: Height: 84 inches Extends 20 inches beyond conveyor column...

EH0808ACW/HX25, Vex24, Hex12 photo
Hoppmann Stainless Steel Cleated Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: G3295

Used Hoppmann Conveyor with: Conveyor belt: Width: 8 inches Adjustable discharge height: Discharge chute: 50 inches Chute removed: 67 inches Cleat height: 2 inches Centers: 7...

DE-200 photo
Groniger Stainless Steel Inclined Feed Elevator
Inventory #: G3294

Used Groniger Elevator with: Conveyor: White neoprene belt Belt width: 15.750 inches Cleat height: 1.250 inches Centers: 4.250 inches Maximum discharge height: 66 inches (with chute removed)...

400C CFT HE photo
New England Machinery Cleated Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: G3296

Used New England Machinery Conveyor with: Conveyor belt: Width: 19.5 inches Adjustable discharge height: Discharge chute: 72 inches Chute removed: 102 inches Bolted UHMW cleats: 4 inches...

A27A Auto L-Bar Sealer photo
Shanklin A27A Automatic L-Bar Sealer Shrink System
Inventory #: G2977Featured

Used Shanklin A27A Automatic L-Bar Sealer Shrink System with: Shanklin A27A 5 parts per minute depending on size and product Maximum film width 20 inches Maximum product length 31 inches...

CD100M photo
Godwin CD100M Dri Prime Centrifugal Pump
Inventory #: G3287Featured

Used Godwin CD100M Dri Prime Centrifugal Pump with: Suction connection: 100 mm Delivery Connection: 100 mm Maximum capacity: 230 m 3 per hour Maximum head: 30 meters Maximum solids handling:...

Custom photo
Delc Engineering Custom Dual Head Depositor
Inventory #: G3270

Used Delc Engineering Custom Dual Head Depositor with: Programmable touch screen Precision scales: 50g-500g 12 gallon hopper Output: up to 30 deposits per minute depending on product Small footprint...

75 Cu Ft photo
Gemco 75 Cubic Foot SS Double Cone Blender
Inventory #: G3246

Used Gemco Blender with: Capacity: 75 cubic feet Agitation: Dispersion blade: 24 inches diameter Driven by 7.5 horsepower, 1200 rpm motor Straight side port: 16 inches diameter Bottom...

NSL400 photo
Grasselli NSL400 Stainless Steel Boneless Slicer
Inventory #: G3222

Used Grasselli Slicer with: Output: up to 4,400 pounds per hour, depending on product size Product: Bone-in Boneless Crust-frozen meat @ 24 / 23° Fahrenheit Minimum slice thickness:...

Simplex 400M photo
Diamond Systems 400M SS Egg Breaker and Separator
Inventory #: G3272

Used Diamond Egg Breaker with: Output: Cases per hour: 400 Eggs per hour: 140,000 Process: Egg breaking Release Shell drain Separation of yolks, whites Number of...

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