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Equipment in this category performs quality control inspections, such as checking weight or checking for metal. Production inspection equipment may come equipped with optional automated systems for rejecting products that do not meet quality standards, and removing those products from production. This equipment includes metal detectors, checkweighers, and x-ray machines. Equipment pieces in this category help avoid recalls, as they detect problems before items are distributed.

Starweigh - CM photo
Mettler-Toledo Checkmate 2 Bottle Fill Detector
Inventory #: B3171Can Rent

Used Mettler-Toledo Checkmate 2 Bottle Fill Detector with: Used for filled bottle detection Digital controls Checkmate 2 control screen interface Stainless steel construction Adjustable machine...

SL2000 photo
Safeline SL2000 21" Wide x 2" High Metal Detector
Inventory #: B2978Can Rent

Used Safeline SL2000 Stainless Steel Metal Detector with: Intralox conveyor dimensions: 16 inches wide x 120 inches long Stainless steel starter box Stainless steel wash down design Aperture size:...

Thermo Fisher Scientific 5" x 13" Metal Detector
Inventory #: B1991Featured Can Rent

Used Thermo Fisher Scientific Metal Detector with: Aperture dimensions: 13 inches wide x 5 inches tall Maximum product height: 4.5 inches Conveyor dimensions: 43 inches long x 12 inches wide Conveyor...

EZ5 photo
Eriez EZ5 Metal Detector 12" W x 24" H Aperture
Inventory #: A8695Can Rent

Used Eriez EZ5 Metal Detector Head with: Aperture: 12 inches wide 24 inches high Control panel

Safeline 40" tall x 18" wide Metal Detector
Inventory #: A8693Can Rent

Used Safeline 40" tall x 18" wide Metal Detector with: Metal detector head only Control box Aperture opening: 39 3/4 inches high 17 3/4 inches wide Touch control panel...

Chain weigh photo
Mettler Toledo Chain Weigh 2 Belt Checkweigher
Inventory #: A8923Can Rent

Used Mettler Toledo 3 Belt Checkweigher with: (3) belts Smooth infeed belt Chain weighing belt 33 inches long x 4.5 inches wide Plastic chain outfeed belt Push button...

Pass RX photo
Centice Laser Pill Verification Pass RX Series
Inventory #: A8355Can Rent

Used Centice Pass Rx with: Dimensions: 17 inches long x 8.5 inches wide x 17 inches tall Electrical input: External 12V block, max current 8A External interfaces: Ethernet, VGA, 4 USB Ports Display:...

Safeline 14W x 10H Metal Detector Head Only
Inventory #: A7691Can Rent

Used Safeline 14W x 10H Metal Detector: Aperture 14 inches wide x 10 inches high Rectangular aperture Easy to use key panel

MM photo
Mettler Checkweigher with Side Transfers Belts
Inventory #: A6427Can Rent

Used Mettler Checkweigher with Side Transfers Belts with: Unit is equipped with infeed and outfeed side transfer belts for the safe conveying of bottles on weigh cell belt 2 1/2 inch wide belt on weigh...

PH-L1 photo
Safeline PH-L1 Gravity Metal Detector For Tablets
Inventory #: A6017Can Rent

Used Safeline PH-L1 Metal Detector with: Safeline Model PHL-1 stainless steel Gravity feed pharmaceutical metal detection system for tablets and capsules rated from 12,000 to 60,000 tablets per hour -...

PH-L1 photo
Safeline PH-L1 Tablet Metal Detector
Inventory #: A6016Can Rent

Used Safeline PHL1 Metal Detector with: Stainless steel Gravity feed pharmaceutical metal detection system for tablets and capsules rated from 12,000 to 60,000 tablets per hour - depending on materials...

8119240-116 photo
AGR Cap And Fill Detector Model 8119240-116
Inventory #: A4993Can Rent

Used AGR Cap And Fill Detector with: Cap and product pressence inspection system Model 8119240-116 Total and Reject counter ON/OFF switch AGR alarm light interface with: Patlite signal tower light Model: STF-V...

EWK-429 photo
Boekels EWK429 Checkweigher EMS 217 Metal Detector
Inventory #: A4943Can Rent

Used Boekel Automatic Metal Detector and Checkweigher: Model EMS 217 Metal Detection aperture is 7 inches wide x 5 inches tall 7 inches X 4 inches product flow through the aperture 6 inches wide...

IQ2 photo
Loma IQ2 Metal Detector 52 Inches Wide x 2 in High
Inventory #: A4256Can Rent

Used Loma Metal Detector with: Model IQ2 Belt width is 49 inches Belt length is 96 inches Metal detector is 52 inches wide and 2 inches above the conveyor Stainless steel frame Adjustable conveyor...

Champ / CD-11 photo
Mettler-Toledo Checkweigher CD-11 Static Weigher
Inventory #: A3650Can Rent

Used Mettler-Toledo Ohaus Champ Checkweigher with: Mettler-Toledo Weigh scale is 12"x 12" Checkweigher brings product into weigh zone and halts belt as weigh cell lifts product off of belting...

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