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'These units use a piston to measure and control product amounts for filling. These have an adjustable range set for each unit. The type of product this unit fills is high and low viscosity liquids.

Anderson Machine Works 8 Head SS Piston Filler
Inventory #: G6175

Used Anderson Machine Filler with: Pistons: Capacity: 8 pistons Currently equipped with 6 pistons Nozzle diameter: 3 inches Stroke: 5.25 inches Adjustable stroke length Bottom...

RPF-8 photo
MRM Elgin Stainless Steel 8 Valve Piston Filler
Inventory #: G6174

Used MRM/Elgin Filler with: Output: up to 120 containers per minute Pistons: Number of nozzles: 8 Nozzle diameter: 2 inches Maximum piston stroke: 5 inches Fill rate: up to 8.7 fluid...

RPF-24 photo
MRM Elgin RPF24 24 Head SS Rotary Piston Filler
Inventory #: G6176

Used MRM/Elgin Filler with: Output: up to 360 containers per minute Pistons: Number of nozzles: 24 Nozzle diameter: 1 inch Nozzle centers: 5.5 inches Fill volume range: 0.33 - 2.0 ounces...

Tindle 5 Pound Cleated Stainless Piston Filler
Inventory #: G5972

Used Tindle Piston Filler with: Application: fill 5 pound tubs of ice cream Filling weight: 5 pounds Pneumatic operation Hopper capacity: 50 gallons Cleated conveyor Conveyor centers: 8 inches...

RPF-24-66 MC-12-33 photo
US Bottlers 24 Valve Rotary Piston Filler Capper
Inventory #: G6019

Used US Bottlers Filler & Capper with: US Bottlers RPF-24-66 24 Valve Rotary Filler Capable of hot or cold fill Fill range: up to 0.5 gallons Lexan guarding US Bottlers MC-12-33...

8 Piston 17 Gallon Hopper Stainless Steel Filler
Inventory #: G3829

Used Piston Filler with: 8 filling heads Inline design Hopper capacity: approximately 17 gallons CIP hopper Stainless steel construction Previous application: Cleaning products

D150S photo
Turbo Systems D150S Jacketed Piston Filler
Inventory #: G5668

Used Turbo Systems D150S Depositor with: Single shot depositor Stainless steel construction Recirculation tank Jacked pipes, nozzles, and hopper Adjustable servomotor piston Adjustable temperature...

V400 photo
Simplex V400 4 Head Piston Filler 16 Oz to 1 Gal
Inventory #: G5116

Used Simplex V400 4 Head Gallon Filler with: Pistons can be set to different volumes ranging from 500ml to 5 liters (16.9 ounces to 1.32 gallons) 4 heads Fills 20-24 gallons per minute Automatic,...

CFC photo
Unifiller Cake Finishing Center Cake Decorator
Inventory #: G4595

Used Unifiller Cake Finishing Center Cake Decorator with: Capacity: up to 7 cakes per minute Deposit range: 5 inches to 12 inches round Maximum height: 5.5 inches Particle size: smooth icings ...

DV2000 photo
GMC DV2000 Semi-Automatic Stainless Piston Filler
Inventory #: G4637

Used GMC DV2000 Piston Filler with: Hopper capacity: 75 liters Filling speed: Up to 60 buckets per minute for 500 milliliters Up to 30 buckets per minute for 2 liters Filling range:...

500 photo
Quantitative 500 Semi Automatic Piston Filler
Inventory #: G4493

Used Quantitative 500 Semi Automatic Piston Filler with: Capacity: Cycle 1 - 5 to 100 milliliters Cycle 2 - 20 to 200 milliliters Cycle 3 - 30 to 500 milliliters Cycle 4 - 100 to 1000 milliliters...

300 photo
Philip Bock 300 SS Single Head Piston Filler
Inventory #: G4297

Used Philip Bock Piston Filler with: Two (2) interchangeable nozzles: (1) diameter: 0.375 inches (1) diameter: 0.75 inches Fill range: 2 to 40 ounce fills Capacity: 40 ounces single...

FP1000 photo
Stainless Steel Single Head Piston Filler
Inventory #: G4296

Used Piston Filler with: Output: up to 14 ounces per stroke Nozzle: Length: 5.75 inches Diameter: 2.25 inches Fill range: 1 to 15 ounces Accuracy: up to 0.5 percent Continuous...

SP-160 photo
Hinds Bock SP 160 Single Piston Filler
Inventory #: G3371

Used Hinds Bock SP 160 Single Piston Filler with: Application: Large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing the food products Used for both hot and cold food products Air...

PF photo
Colborne PF Pneumatic Piston Filler with Hopper
Inventory #: G2718Can Rent

Used Colborne PF Series Piston Filler with: Hopper dimensions: 24 inches deep x 24 inch diameter Hopper capacity: approximately 16 gallons Stroke: 10 inches Piston diameter: 5 inches Piston...

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