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The difference between mixers and blenders is that mixers generally mix wet materials or dough, while blenders blend dry materials and powders. There are several types of mixers and blenders. This equipment may be designed to combine materials in continuous or batch style.

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HL300-4STD photo
Hobart HL300 30 Quart Planetary Mixer
Inventory #: G6189

Used Hobart HL300 with: 30 quart planetary mixer Beat and whisk attachments 3 mixing speeds Gear driven transmission Motor speed: 1800 revolutions per minute 15 minute timer

350 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Dual Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G6212

Used Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 350 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Double ribbon Driven by 20 horsepower, 230/460 volt, 1755 rpm motor Side discharge outlet: 3 inches...

400 Cubic Foot Carbon Steel Double Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G6178

Used Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 400 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Double ribbons Driven by 40 horsepower motor Lid/cover: (2) Cover panels: 50 x 83 inches (1) Open...

Patterson Kelly Stainless V Blender 10 Cubic Foot
Inventory #: G6151

Used Patterson Kelly V Blender with: 10 cubic feet 2 horsepower Adjustable speed motor 420-2100 reps per minute Stainless steel construction Stand included

50H-4C1 photo
Magna 50H4C1 Stainless Steel Single Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6156

Used Magna Mixer with: Capacity: 10 gallons, 50 pounds Mixing bowl: 304 Stainless steel Jacketed Cover with handle Dimensions (inches): 18 long x 17.5 wide x 26 deep Agitation:...

Patterson Double Ribbon Blender 300 Gallons
Inventory #: G6168

Used Patterson 40 Cubic Ft. Double Ribbon Blender with: Working capacity: 40 cubic feet Bowl: 72 inches long x 36 inches wide x 36 inches deep Double stainless steel ribbons: Outer ribbon: 1.5...

APV 150 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Liquefier
Inventory #: G6122

Used APV Liquefier with: Capacity: 150 gallons Top mounted manway Bottom tri-clamp outlet: 2.5 inches Driven by 25 horsepower right angle drive 316 Stainless steel construction

100 Gal photo
Mueller 100 Gal Stainless Steel Jacketed Liquefier
Inventory #: G6121

Used Mueller Liquefier with: Capacity: 100 gallons Jacket rated: 100 psi Top mounted manway Tri-clamp outlet: 2.5 inches diameter 15/7.5 Horsepower, direct drive 2-speed motor, 1800/900 rpm ...

Hallmark HM3004W photo
Peerless Hallmark HM300 Single Sigma Mixer 450 Lbs
Inventory #: G4439Can Rent

Used Peerless Hallmark HM300-4W Small Batch Sigma Mixer with: 4 way agitator is suitable for cookies, creams, biscuits, pretzels, pie dough, bagels, scones, cakes, sweet goods, muffins, granola and specialty...

JH Day Company 100 Gallon 14 CuFt Roller Bar Mixer
Inventory #: G5100

Used JH Day Company Roller Bar Mixer with: Capacity: approximately 100 gallons (14 cubic feet) Stainless steel mixer construction Triple roller bar Analog timers

Will-Flow 60 Gallon Steam Jacketed Paddle Blender
Inventory #: G5423

Used Will-Flow 60 Gallon Steam Jacketed Paddle Blender with: 60 gallon capacity Jacket: maximum 125 PSI at 360 degrees Fahrenheit Steam jacketed Stainless steel construction Leeson WashGuard...

450 photo
Risco 450 115 Gallon SS Dual Shaft Paddle Mixer
Inventory #: G5890

Used Risco Mixer with: Capacity: Liters: 450 Gallons: 118 Agitation: Dual shafts Intersecting paddles Frontal discharge Stainless steel construction

LDT300 photo
Breddo 300 Gal Stainless Steel Insulated Liquifier
Inventory #: G5843

Used Breddo Liquifier with: Capacity: 300 gallons Top mounted: Hinged manway (1) Inlet with lift off cover (1) Discharge outlet with tri-clamp fitting: 2.5 inches diameter Insulated...

Gardner 750 Liter Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G5669

Used Gardner Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 750 liters Removable lump breaking wires Bottom center discharge Mixing timer 7.5 kilowatt motor

ME1000 photo
Laska ME1000 1000 Liter SS Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer
Inventory #: G5665

Used Laska ME1000 Paddle Mixer with: Capacity: 1000 liters Stainless steel construction Twin mixing shafts Forward and reverse Hydraulic side door discharge Heavy duty hydraulic paddle drives...

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