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Thermoforming machines work by creating a pocket or blister in flat film. The product is loaded into the pocket, either automatically or manually. The pocket is then sealed with flat film and heat, and separated as a sealed package. Rollstock thermoformers can use either a supported or unsupported web, and can be either intermittent motion or continuous.

R230 photo
Multivac R230 Automatic Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: G5902

Used Multivac R230 Thermoformer with: Semi - rigid film Gas flushing facility Pack size: approx 5.3 inches long x 4.9 inches wide x 2 across 12 inch wide film 8/10 cycles per minute ...

N 2500 photo
Hooper N 2500 Rollstock Thermoformer with Filler
Inventory #: G5732Featured

Used Hooper Rollstock Thermoformer with: Currently set up as a 10 lane liquid fill with matched metal diecut Bottom film width: 16.5 inches Top film width: 14.75 inches 10 inch film advance index...

Evolution photo
CFS Evolution Rollstock Horizontal Thermoformer
Inventory #: G4632

Used Convenience Food Systems Evolution Rollstock Horizontal Thermoformer with: Web width: 360 millimeters Useful width: 320 millimeters Number of webs: 1 Packing rows: 2 Shaping: compressed...

2000 photo
Dixie 2000 Stainless Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: G4773

Used Reiser Dixie 2000 Vacuum Horizontal Thermoformer with: 135 inch long by 12 1/5 inch wide chain driven spring loaded pinch conveyor Can run up to three rows of product through vacuum and thermoformer...

M855DPC photo
Mutivac M855DPC HFFS Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: G4280

Used Mutivac M855DPC Rollstock Thermoformer Packager with: Application: sealed meat with thermoforming plastic packages Web width: 320 millimeter Film advance: 260 millimeter

R140 photo
Multivac R140 SS Rollstock Thermoformer Machine
Inventory #: G4642

Used Multivac Thermoformer with: Output: up to 10 cycles per minute Film specs: Top web: flexible or semi-rigid Bottom web: flexible, medical paper, Tyvek Unprinted or random-printed Maximum...

Powerpak 660 photo
CFS Powerpak 660 Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: G4302

Used CFS Powerpak Rollstock Thermoformer with: Rollstock thermoforming machine designed to create a pocket in flat film, product is loaded into the pocket manually, then the pocket is sealed with flat film...

Type 660 photo
Tiromat Type 660 Stainless Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: G4289

Used Tiromat Type 660 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Digital control panel Unitized stainless steel base Output: up to 14 cycles per minute, depending on tray size Film width: 23.5 inches Film...

ST-2200 WS photo
Sato ST-2200 WS In Line Dual Head Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G3166

Used Sato ST-2200 WS Tray Sealer with: Previous application: Tofu trays Previous tray dimensions: 5.75 inches wide x 4.75 inches long x 2.25 inches deep Tray die dimensions: 5.25 inches wide x 4.25...

M860 EPC photo
Multivac M860 EPC Roll Stock Thermoformer
Inventory #: G3165

Used Multivac M860 EPC Roll Stock Thermoformer with: Current film width: 16.75 inches Manual switches Digital vacuum display No die boxes available Previous application: Tofu Single cutting...

3021C photo
GN Plastics 3021C Roll Thermoformer with Stacker
Inventory #: G3850

Used GN Thermoformer with: Output: up to 30 cycles per minute Maximum forming area: Length: 30 inches Width: 22 inches Depth: 5 inches Film material specs: Sheet width: 32...

R530 photo
Multivac R530 Rollstock Thermoformer Sealer
Inventory #: G1974

Used Multivac R530 Thermoformer with: 240 index Film rollers: 18.5 inches wide Outfeed conveyor (inches): 32 long x 11 wide Outfeed conveyor height: 40 inches Stainless steel guarding Personnel...

KMV 75 D photo
Kiefel KMV 75 D Thermoformer
Inventory #: G1799

Used Kiefel KMV 75 D Thermoformer with: 800 mm film width Film is advanced by servo motor with chains 750 mm die box length 540 mm die box width 150 mm die box depth Up to 30 cycles per minute...

R535 photo
Multivac R535 SS Rollstock Thermoforming Machine
Inventory #: G2006

Used Multivac Thermoformer with: Highest output Multivac thermoformer Package types: Round Basic formats Rectangular Freely definable formats Films: Rigid or flexible Aluminum...

DV2000E photo
Dixie Union DV200E Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: G1002

Used Dixie Union Thermoformer with: Die size: 11 inches Current film width: 12.5 inches Max film width: 14 inches Discharge width: 11.5 inches Discharge hieght: 28 inches

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