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This type of roller conveyor does not include a power source to turn the roller surface. The roller shafts are mounted on bearings that allow them to turn freely. A gravity roller conveyor uses item weight and gravity to move products over the rollers and down the conveyor, which is typically set at a downward angle.

Mathews Gravity Roller Conveyor 20' L x 24" W
Inventory #: G4937

Used Mathews Gravity Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor length: 240 inches Conveyor width: 24 inches Conveyor height: 30 inches Adjustable working height Heavy steel construction

33 Inch Wide x 10 Foot Long Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: G5154

Used 33 Inch Wide x 10 Foot Long Roller Conveyor with: 33 inch wide gravity roller conveyor 10 foot sections 1.9 inch diameter rollers on 3 inch centers Price is per 10 foot section (75 sections...

Expandable 18" W x 20'L Gravity Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: G4551

Used Flexible Gravity Roller Conveyor with: Dimensions: 18 inches wide x 20 foot expanded length Weight capacity: 200 pounds per feet Galvanized steel Includes extra rollers

Hytrol 60" L x 39" W Gravity Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: G3659

Used Hytrol Conveyor with: Conveyor width: 60 inches long x 39 inches wide Adjustable working height Working height: 33 inches Heavy steel frame Gravity fed rollers

200 photo
Best Flex 200 12' L x 18" W Expandable Conveyor
Inventory #: G3505

Used Best Flex 200 Expandable Conveyor with: Compressed: Width: 18 inches Length: 52 inches Expanded: Width: 18 inches Length: 12 feet

BFP1924765NON-UL photo
BestFlex 23" W x 80' L Powered Gravity Conveyor
Inventory #: D9052

Used BestFlex 23" Wide Powered Gravity Conveyor with: 23 inch long rollers Conveyor elevation: 28 inches Extended length: 80 feet Variable speed drives Lockable casters

40 Inch Long Gravity Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: D7307

Used Gravity Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 40 inches long x 27 inches wide Conveyor height: 22.5 inches Steel construciton Adjustable height Discharge slide

Hytrol 15" W x 240' Gravity Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: D5271

Used Hytrol Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor width: 15.5 inches Approximate length: 240 feet Roller centers: 3 inches Roller diameter: 1.25 inches Rollers sit above the conveyor frame ...

22" Wide x 117" Long Steel Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: D5581

Used Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 22 inches wide x 117 inches long Working height: 31.5 inches Steel rollers Adjustable height Casters

Power 1.9 photo
Bestflex Power 1.9 Gravity Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: D5269

Used Bestflex Powered Gravity Roller Conveyor with: Application: skate conveyor that can be extended, contracted or curved into various configurations to convey products Powered rollers Photo eyes detect...

Best Flex 23 x 137 inch Gravity Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: D4244

Used Best Flex Gravity Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: Width: 23 inches Contracted length: 48 inches Expanded length: 137 inches Height: 32 inches

Hytrol Roller Conveyor 70' Long x 16" Wide
Inventory #: C7349

Used Hytrol Roller Conveyor 70' Long x 16" Wide with: Conveyor dimensions: 16 inches wide x 70 feet long Adjustable height, currently set to 35 inches Painted mild steel frame

Hytrol Powered and Gravity Conveyor System
Inventory #: C4666

Used Hytrol Powered and Gravity Conveyor System with: All 24 inches wide 40 foot long incline 40 foot long decline 35 foot long decline, model SBI (3) 30 foot long decline Model 190-LRC ...

Versa Expandable Gravity Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: C3695

Used Versa Ferguson Gravity Roller Conveyor with: Width: 24 inches Height: 28.5 inches Lockable casters Contracted length: 112 inches Rollers sit above the machine frame Roller diameter:...

Hytrol Gravity Roller Conveyor
Inventory #: C2073

Used Hytrol Gravity Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 49 inches wide x 120 inches long Decline conveyor Casters Stainless steel construction

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