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This type of tunnel forwards products through to help cool them so they can then be cut and packaged. Cooling tunnels use blowers to force cooled air (to -20 F) into the tunnel while removing heated air from the parts out the opposite end.

Plenum Cooler Tank photo
Lyco Easy-Flow High-Speed Particulate Cooler
Inventory #: G6157

Used Lyco Easy-Flow Cooler with: Four zone cooler Each zone submerges and mixes product in cold well water (55°F.) or chilled (33°F.) water where it rapidly discharges heat. The machine will handle...

RHT126WREHHS photo
Traulsen RHT126WREHHS 2 Door Refrigerator
Inventory #: G5174

Used Traulsen RHT126WREHHS 2 Door Refrigerator with: Refrigerant: R134A 2 door design Internal dimensions: 21 inches deep x 21 inches wide x 27 inches high Stainless steel construction Casters...

TCGD-50 photo
True TCGD-50 Full Service Curved Glass Bakery Case
Inventory #: G5172

Used True TCGD-50 Bakery Case with: 4 levels Shelf dimensions: 19 inches long x 46 inches wide Refrigerated case 23.8 cubic feet of storage 2 glass back slide doors Sliding doors

ACP6-152-1 photo
Larkin ACP6-152-1 Walk In Cooler 11 Foot x 21 Foot
Inventory #: G5443

Used Larkin ACP6-152-1 Walk In Refrigerator Cooler with: Door dimensions: 54 inches W x 96 inches H Inside dimensions: 126 inches L x 254 inches W x 111 inches H Outside dimensions: 135 inches L x 261...

T-49G-4 photo
True T-49G-4 4 Glass Door Reach In Refrigerator
Inventory #: G5179

Used True T-49G-4 4 Glass Door Reach In Refrigerator with: .5 horsepower motor Refrigerant: R134A Temperature range: 33 - 38 degrees Fahrenheit 4 doors Glass front doors 6 shelves

AFE 48" Wide DM 178 3 Chamber Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: G4658

Used AFE 48" Wide DM 178 3 Chamber Cooling Tunnel with: Belt width: 48 inches Total Length: 54 feet 24 inches high infeed 24 inches high discharge Three Emerson units as shown in pictures...

5X40 photo
IH Systems 5X40 Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: G4281

Used I&H Spray Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor: Plastic belt Width: 60 inches Length: 480 inches Driven by 2 horsepower, 575 volt, 3460 rpm variable speed gear motor Tunnel height/container...

RTE-211 photo
Neslab RTE-211 Refrigerated Bath/Circulators
Inventory #: G3562

Used Neslab RTE-211 Refrigerated Bath/Circulators with: The RTE-Series Refrigerated Bath/Circulators are designed to provide temperature control for applications requiring a fluid work area or pumping to...

KolPak 6 x 6 x 8 Foot Walk-In Cooler
Inventory #: G2227

Used KolPak 6 x 6 x 8 Foot Walk-In Cooler with: Copeland R-404 condenser Exterior dimensions: 6 feet wide x 6 feet deep x 8 feet tall Vinyl strip door kit covers the doorway to minimize escape of...

Liquid Carbonic Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: G2925

Used Liquid Carbonic Cooling Tunnel with: Aperture: Width: 35 inches Height: 5 inches Length: 100 inches Conveyor: Length: 152 inches Height: 42.5 inches Width: 37 inches...

TC-4-8 photo
Chester-Jensen Company TC-4-8 Tumbler-Chiller
Inventory #: G2471

Used Chester-Jensen Company TC-4-8 Tumbler-Chiller with: Single rotating, perforated, stainless steel product containment drum, bi-parted into dual compartments, both accessible for front loading and unloading...

MAT10W20 photo
Morris Stainless Steel Poultry Auger Pre Chiller
Inventory #: G2710

Used Morris Pre-Chiller with: Poultry auger chiller Can be used for: Pre-chill stage Intermediate stage Final stage Number of sections: 5 Number of cooling ports: 76 Variable...

Northfield 13 Tier Spiral Cooling Conveyor
Inventory #: G2242

Used Northfield Cooling Conveyor with: Number of tiers: 13 Space between tiers: 6 inches Conveyor: Stainless steel mesh Width: 30 inches Length: approximately 850 feet Speed: up to 27...

Custom 30 Foot Food Grade Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: G1739

Used Cooling Tunnel with: Product clearance (from top of belt): 4 inches Tunnel aperture: Width: 24 inches Height: 4 inches Conveyor: Smooth belt, food grade Dimensions...

MF 30.2 photo
Irinox MF 30.2 MultiFresh Blast Chiller
Inventory #: G1511

Used Irinox MF 30.2 MultiFresh Blast Chiller with: MultiFresh is the first and only machine in the world that can run operating cycles with temperatures of +85°C to -40°C By pressing a button you...

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