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Enrobing and coating machines are used to cover all sides of a product in material, such as enrobing candy in a chocolate covering, or coating popcorn with seasoning.

RAS4-40R photo
Wilevco Rotary Atomization Spray Applicator 40" W
Inventory #: G6190

Used Wilevco Rotary Atomization Spray Applicator with: Spray applicator which utilizes spinning discs to apply coating to product Applies a uniform coating without air knives and eliminates over and under...

EA14JH photo
Stein Batter EA14JH Crumb Breading Applicator
Inventory #: G6152

Used Stein Batter EA14JH Crumb Breading Applicator with: Overall Dimensions: Length: 288 inches Width: 36 inches Height: 82 inches Newly replaced hoses Breading belt wire mesh:...

ENRO-6 photo
Perfect Choco 6" Chocolate Enrober Bottom and Full
Inventory #: G4914

Used Perfect Choco Chocolate Enrober with: Full coating of product, bottom enrobing or bottom and sides up to 0.5 inch The modular design 6 inch wide x 79 inch long stainless steel wire belt, variable...

Woody 32" Chocolate and Icing Stringer Decorator
Inventory #: G5849

Used Woody Stringer with: Stringer size: 32 inches Wire conveyor has 2 sections (inches): (1) section: 32 wide x 25 long (1) section: 32 wide x 27 long Stainless steel construction mounted...

04-4465 photo
EBR 34 Inch Wide x 70 Inch Long Enrober
Inventory #: G4449Can Rent

Used EBR SS304 34 Inch Wide x 70 Inch Long Enrober with: Conveyor dimensions (inches): 70 long x 34 wide Conveyor height from ground: 40 inches 2.5 inch inlet for enrobing liquid 304 stainless steel...

CCE2400 photo
Fedco CCE-24 SS 24" W Chocolate Enrobing Conveyor
Inventory #: G4435Can Rent

Used Fedco 18 Inches Wide x 72 Inches Long Steel Wire Conveyor with: Infeed/outfeed height from floor: 37.5 Inches Conveyor total dimensions (inches): 72 Long x 18 Wide Outfeed conveyor dimensions (inches):...

42 IG photo
Moline 50 Gal Stainless Steel Icing Glazing Tank
Inventory #: G5660

Used Moline Enrober with: Tank capacity: Liters: 190 Gallons: 50 Agitation: Bottom & sides scrape Cutting blades built into scrape apparatus Includes: ...

Autosaucer photo
WunderBar Autosaucer Pizza Sauce Applicator
Inventory #: G5183

WunderBar Rotary Pizza Sauce Applicator with: Output: up to 350 pizzas per hour Control settings for 5 sizes of pizza: Small Medium Large Extra large Personal pan pizza Linear...

ST-23/54 photo
CHL Systems Seasoning Drum Tumbler
Inventory #: G4860

Used CHL Systems Seasoning Drum Tumbler with: Drum diameter: 23 inches Drum length: 54 inches Screens allow dry seasoning to pass through the drum into a collection funnel Stainless steel construction...

D45134 Mini Enrober photo
Dedy D45134 Mini Chocolate Enrober Top Bottom Both
Inventory #: G4593

Used Dedy D45134 Mini Chocolate Enrober with: Moulding and enrobing machine equipped with an enrobing belt and take-off table Capable of all enrobing functions: total enrobing, bottom enrobing, combined...

WC Smith 6 Inch Chocolate Enrobing Line
Inventory #: G4992Featured

Used WC Smith 6 Inch Chocolate Enrobing Line with: Reservoir capacity: 40 pounds Pre-bottomer capacity: 15 pounds 2 foot in-feed conveyor 5 foot enrober 2 foot decorating area 12 foot cooling...

24 Inch Diameter Stainless Steel Seasoning Drum
Inventory #: G4670

Used 24 Inch Stainless Steel Seasoning Drum with: Infeed diameter: 24 inches Maximum diameter: 36 inches Depth: 36 inches 3 HP motor Stainless steel construction

TM Series 300 photo
Promarks TM Series SS 300 Pound Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: G4580

Used Prmarks Tumbler with: Continuous marinating vacuum tumbler Capacity: Drum capacity: 300 pounds Batch per cycle capacity: 200 pounds Cycle time: dependent on product & recipe...

Stainless Steel 12 Foot Seasoning Tumbler Drum
Inventory #: G4546

Used Seasoning Drum with: Interior dimensions: Length: 120 inches Width: 24 inches In-feed: Diameter: 16 inches In-feed chute Discharge height: 36 inches Adjustable screw...

36 inch Diameter Copper Coating Revolving Pan
Inventory #: G3813

Used Copper Coating Revolving Pan with: Diameter: 36 inches Depth: 34 inches Infeed diameter: 24 inches 1 horsepower motor Copper construction Belt driven

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