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Bakery equipment can be any type of equipment that is specifically designated for handling dough. Some examples are dough chunkers, depositors, laminators, sheeters, moulders, and dividers/rounders. This classification also includes specialized equipment such as topping applicators. Automation of these processes often results in greater consistency of baked foods and helps regulate the amount of dough stress.

SUS63 C photo
Rondo SUS63 C 24" Wide Reversible Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: G1709Can Rent

Used Rondo SUS63 C Reversible Dough Sheeter with: Conveyor dimensions: 100 inches long x 24 inches wide 24.5 inch wide sheeting rollers Sheeting thickness range: 1 millimeter to 30 millimeters ...

APV 32 Inch Wide Wire Cut Depositor
Inventory #: D9026Can Rent

Used APV Wire Cut Depositor with: Conveyor dimensions: 32 inches wide x 51 inches long Hopper dimensions: 12.5 inches long x 32 inches wide x 20 inches deep Infeed height: 73 inches Discharge...

27 Inch Wide Wire Cut Depositor
Inventory #: D9024Can Rent

Used Wire Cut Depositor with: 27 inch roller 5 horsepower motors (2) In-feed opening: 28 inches long x 29.5 inches wide height: 72 inches Discharge opening:...

MM-303 photo
Rheon MM-303 Dough Laminator
Inventory #: D5774Featured Can Rent

Used Rheon MM-303 Dough Laminator with: Stress free laminator and dough stretcher Conveyor width: 18 inches Extruders product from 2 auger fed hoppers and then stretches dough to desired thickness...

SM031 photo
Rheon SM031 Stress Free Dough Stretcher
Inventory #: D5775Can Rent

Used Rheon SM031 Dough Stretcher with: Stress free rollers Dough thickness range: approximately 5 - 60 millimeters (.19 inch to 2.3 inches) Auger agitated flour hopper to prevent dough from sticking...

Moline 3-Roll Stainless Steel Automatic Sheeter
Inventory #: D1890Can Rent

Used Moline Sheeter with: 3 roll dough sheeter Roller diameter: 4.5 inches Adjustable sheeting speed Adjustable dough thickness Allen-Bradley power disconnect switch Stainless steel construction...

Sheeting Line photo
Rademaker 22 Inch Wide Sheeting Line
Inventory #: C9835Featured Can Rent

Used Rademaker Sheeting Line with: Conveyor width: 22.5 inches Durant Ambassador Series count controls Flat and incline conveyors Multiple flour sifters throughout the sheeting process Pressing...

Stainless Steel 28 Inch Wide Dough Chunker Divider
Inventory #: C7109Can Rent

Used Stainless Steel 28 Inch Wide Dough Chunker Divider with: Infeed height: 53.5 inches Hopper dimensions: 21 inches wide x 23.5 inches long x 22.5 inches deep Outfeed conveyor dimensions: 28 inches...

FG-60-6 photo
Fritsch FG-60-6 Dough Depositor
Inventory #: C5767Can Rent

Used Fritsch FG-60-6 Dough Depositor with: 6 head dough depositor Pistons force product through depositing heads, missing one piston Cantilever design, easily fits over pre-existing production line...

Multidrop CE46MTR/FCC II photo
Polin CE-46-MTR-FCC II Multidrop Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: C7253Featured Can Rent

Used Polin CE-46-MTR-FCC II Multidrop Cookie Depositor with: Lightly used multi drop machine designed to drop, inject or extrude dough Perfect for a multitude of products from cookies to biscotti Fully...

TR3000 photo
CIM International TR3000 Croissant Dough Cutter
Inventory #: C1977Can Rent

Used CIM International TR3000 Croissant Dough Cutter with: Conveyor width: 24 inches Currently set to cut 5 lanes of croissants Painted mild steel frame with stainless steel contact parts

Motor Driven Dough Developer
Inventory #: B5292Can Rent

Used Motor Driven Dough Developer with: Kneads the dough as it passes vertically down through the mixing shafts Stainless steel construction 20 horsepower Baldor electric drive motor

Stainless Steel Dough Developer
Inventory #: B5291Can Rent

Used Stainless Steel Dough Developer with: Dough passes vertically through the kneading chamber Stainless steel construction 20 horsepower Baldor electric drive motor

Rondo 16000B photo
CIM International Rondo 16000B Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: B9508Can Rent

Used CIM Dough Sheeter with: Designed for small size bakeries and food service kitchens Safe and easy to handle For starting one of the two green buttons are pushed For stopping either lift the safety...

6P-08 photo
Hinds Bock 6P08 Depositor with Denester and Cupper
Inventory #: B9955Featured Can Rent

Used Hinds Bock Denester and Depositer with: Tray denester with reciprocating vacuum picker Tray dimensions: 12.5 inches wide x 16.75 inches long Precision Automated Cup Denester Serial:...

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